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About us

How do you get sales-ready leads for Asia Pacific? Are those enough to give you an ROI for up to 70% in sales?

If no, then we are ready to help you out.

    APAC LeadGen – dedicated multi-touch, multi-channel marketing services for Australia and all over Asia Pacific Regions and US. Built with a group of proficient individuals ready to take on your leads, appointments, and prospecting needs to boost up sales and revenue.

Our systematic way of generating leads and appointments will:
• Provide you with the most qualified appointments and leads based on your target market, industry and decision makers.
• Thousands of prospects all over Australia are being contacted in a multi-touch, multi-channel marketing system.
• Database are ready and filled-up according to your target, industry and location needs.
• Sales Pipeline CRM to keep your leads and appointments on track and can be viewed on real-time.
• Lead Nurturing and Power Tool to keep your leads and appointments updated and well-run on client and contact nurturing.

Who We Are

    APAC LeadGen has been in the field of lead and sales generation for over 12 years now. We started off as a regular telemarketing company until we’ve come to evolve as a full service multi-touch, multi-channel marketing firm. Our dedication, long experience and expertise in telemarketing has brought our company to be on top by providing sales-ready, closable, and warm appointments to all of our clients in Australia and the rest of Asia Pacific Region.

   We are a team of professional specializing in sales and leads appointments for all target markets and industry in Australia. Since 2004, APAC LeadGen has served hundreds of clients all over the Asia Pacific Region starting from small, medium to large business covering all industries. We are committed to help business grow in sales and revenue through our marketing proficiency.

What We Do

    Over the past decade, multichannelmktg.com has been a go-to company for B2B lead generation. Sales organizations of all sizes use our services to ideate, design, and implement targeted lead generation and appointment setting campaigns across a variety of marketing channels, including email, telemarketing, online, and social media.

    Espousing a customer-centric approach to marketing, we utilize cutting-edge technologies and data gathering techniques to create data-oriented marketing solutions based on our clients unique requirements.

Our Services

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services

      One of our service highlights is generating leads through appointment setting with the use of phone and voice telemarketing.

Online and Social Media Advancement

   Aside from our telemarketing process in lead generation, advancement with the email marketing automation is up and running as part of the campaign packaged.

Email Marketing Automation

    We all know that Online and Social Media is on top of the marketing firm when it comes to targeting prospect and updating contact list.

Mobile and Chat Services

    APAC LeadGen had come in the way to make use of the mobile services to contact and inform your potential prospects.

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